Auckland Japanese Web Designer in New Zealand, My three approaches to the web construction

My three approaches to the web construction

Each web developer takes different approaches to projects. I value the following three aspects for website construction.

1. Goal oriented

I appreciate that each client has different reasons for wanting a website. It could be to encourage more enquiries, establish corporate brands or it could be used as an effective marketing tool. Whatever the goal, I will fully understand the specific demands and make sure the website I create serves the desired purpose.

2. Colour

Auckland Japanese Web Designer in New Zealand, My three approaches to the web constructionEach colour carries subtle hidden messages, red-warm and blue-cold to name a few. According to the needs and wishes of the client, I carefully select the most appropriate and effective colours. I believe the appropriate selection of colour is closely linked to achieving the desired outcomes of the website. The more suitable the colour, the more chances clients have to convey their messages in subtle ways.

3. User friendly

Users easily lose interest in websites which have copious information and are not well presented in simple language. User friendly and easily navigated websites are what I create.

My three core work ethnics

I enjoy setting and achieving goals and I take every opportunity to improve the service I offer.

1. Listening

I pay full attention to my client’s philosophy and demands. There are many options when it comes to designing websites. It is not my goal to use all these options, I feel it is better to listen closely to the clients needs and design a suitable and tailored website to match their requirements. If the client wishes to update the website often, I create one easily updatable. If another client wishes to upload many photos, I may propose adding a photo collection. One-way communication is a bad business practice in my book. I am prepared to arrange enough time to sincerely listen to my clients, that way the best website can be created, meeting the client’s demands fully.

2. Communication

I am keen to establish with people and wider society through my websites. There is often a negative impression of computers which explains why websites appear to lack warmth, but I believe this is a misconception. Nevertheless, messages embedded in websites must not be overlooked. In order to vividly realise or in some cases enhance them, I highly regard the significance of communication. Through the exchanges of close communication with clients and their team members, I would like to commit to the best website construction.

3. Punctuality

For each website I set specific deadlines. Unless it is exceedingly complex, I can guarantee that websites will be completed within four weeks of order. A client’s time is highly valued, I believe in punctuality for appointments as well as for deadlines. Mutual respect for each other’s time is essential.

The reason why NZ life NEVER ceases to fascinate us

Kyoji SaiFor me, growing up in populous and crowded Japan, New Zealand, the land of the abundant breathtaking nature, always came up the very first choice of destination to travel and live.
My first visit to NZ in November 2006 proved I had been right indeed- beautiful parks and beaches and many national parks were enough to convince me of my earlier speculation. Furthermore, since we settled down, we are pleased to learn about the top quality of education this country offers. NZ is setting a great example of the best and safest environment for raising children by sticking to environment friendly hydroelectric plants, different from nuclear plant dependent Japan.
Together with our eagerly a waited first baby born in 2009 (currently two years old), we are determined to live in this top notch country happily and permanently.