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One of the laboratories at Massey university needed to make public announcements to students and the public. I suggested using the Word Press System; it is an easy way for laboratory staff who don’t know much about computers to upload pictures, and update and share information.
This is an excellent example of how effective and interesting rotating photos on your website can be.


Feedback on website design by Kyoji Sai.

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Kyoji based on the website he designed for me. I had a number of things I wanted to achieve with my website, encompassing both design and practical aspects. Kyoji talked through with me how I wanted the website to look and what my requirements were. He then implemented a draft website, followed by a period of back-and-forth where Kyoji would implement the changes I wanted. Kyoji also made the banner design based on some rough ideas I had, again in consulation with me, and organized the web hosting and domain name. Throughout Kyoji was at pains to ensure that I was happy with all aspects of the design. This includes a password-protected page and a news posting option.The result is a website that is proving to be a valuable management tool as well as a flagship for my work nationally and internationally. I therefore recommend Kyoji to anyone who would like a website designed.

Austen Ganley

View this rDNAome website

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